Theater Review: Delusion’s Alt Delete

As we approach Halloween in Los Angeles, there are no shortage of spooky events to attend, from amusement park horror nights to intense one-on-one extreme haunts. Delusion first burst onto the scene in 2011 with their first “haunted play”—an escape room, haunted maze, and narrative play rolled into one. What set the event apart was the … More Theater Review: Delusion’s Alt Delete

Theater Review: Delusion, the Haunted Play

When you think of Halloween attractions, it’s likely haunted houses or haunted hayrides come to mind—lots of creepy zombies or creatures lurking in the dark, jumping out at you. While those attractions can certainly be fun, scares without a purpose are not exactly my favorite thing. Theater, however, is one of my favorite things, as … More Theater Review: Delusion, the Haunted Play