TV Binge Report: Our Biggest Questions For Game Of Thrones Season 7


HBO will debut the seventh season of Game Of Thrones on July 16, which means we’re less than a month away from a return to the Seven Kingdoms. It’s one of the most popular shows on television, and with fans well aware that there are only two seasons remaining, people are expecting answers to some major questions. Let’s jump into some of the bigger plot points we’re wondering about in advance of the new season’s arrival.

Are Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Getting Together?

This has been one of the biggest points of speculation about the future of this series. As one write-up put it, the theory of their union goes back to the books, where George R.R. Martin emphasized the idea of “ice and fire” a bit more than the show. Some interpret Jon (ice) and Dany (fire) as the human embodiments of these elemental themes. There are also more concrete aspects to the rumor, like us already knowing that the two actors filmed scenes together for season seven. But Martin and HBO love to keep us guessing, and it could still be that Jon and Dany merely meet, but don’t end up together. They could form an alliance but not a romance, or they could even wind up being enemies (although that last one seems unlikely now).

What Is The Point Of Euron Greyjoy?

For the most part the last season or two have seen this series shrinking after years of expansion. More main characters are being killed off, and more storylines are turning inward toward King’s Landing and the Iron Throne. This is all natural as we prepare for the ultimate climax of several intertwined stories. But one character, Euron Greyjoy, was jammed into the series fairly recently for no apparent reason. He now commands the fleet (albeit a depleted one) of the Iron Islands, which is supposed to be a mighty force. Some have theorized that he’s meant to bring down the Wall by way of blowing an ancient horn, but beyond that no one seems to have a clear idea of why he’s here and what he’s up to.

Will Cersei Be Killed?

Last year a site that offers odds and speculation on pop culture events came up with a list of the likeliest characters to be killed, and pretty much nailed it. We won’t get into names in case any of you still haven’t seen season six, but suffice it to say most of the people mentioned did wind up buying the farm. This time around everyone is talking about the possible death of Cersei Lannister. If we’re as accurate now as the public was a year ago, that means she’s probably a goner. She’s wronged everyone there is to wrong, and her list of allies is down to just a few people. However, those people are plenty strong, so who knows if she’ll continue to find ways to survive.

Who Is The Final Enemy?

We won’t see the last battle in season seven, but we may see the final division of sides. Will Cersei find a powerful ally to stand against a united Jon-Daenerys front? Will Westerosi forces unexpectedly stand together against the invading queen and her dragons? Or will the Wall fall and unleash the terrors of the North, forcing those remaining factions in the land to rally for the good of the human race in the Seven Kingdoms? All of these seam feasible, and the likeliest outcome is some combination. The setting of the stage for the final battles will probably be the most interesting aspect of this upcoming season, and we can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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