Which GoT Characters Are Most Likely to Get Their Own Spin-Offs?

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HBO promised not one, not two, but at least four spin-offs of George R.R. Martin’s hit series Game of Thrones (GoT), however its main focus wouldn’t be on any of the show’s main cast. It makes sense – Westeros and the surrounding lands are thousands of years old, so its scope has to diverge from Jon Snow and the Lannisters at some point.

So with that in mind, here are some characters that could well get a spin-off in the coming years.

White Walkers

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Image Credit: GOT Wiki

This spin-off has already been announced early this year. The White Walkers are former humans-turned-ice-monsters (known in the novel as the “Others”) who live North of The Wall, whose main goal is to usher in the Long Night, a mythical winter that would wipe out most of the life on the continent. Their origin story – unofficially titled with the same name as the mythical winter – will be set during a time where winter reigned supreme and a great shadow was cast over the world.



Brandon Stark

Image Credit: Wiki of Thrones

Brandon Stark or Bran the Builder was the founder of House Stark and the first Lord of Winterfell. Legend says that he, along with the Children of the Forest and the giants, built The Wall that protects the Seven Kingdoms from the threats in the North. It’s still unclear how this happened, especially with the conflict between Bran the Builder and the giants.

Aegon I

Image Credit: GOT Wiki

There’s plenty of intrigue surrounding the first Lord of the Seven Kingdoms during his campaign to conquer most of Westeros 300 years before the present. It has been referenced several times during the show, including by Tywin Lannister during his visit to the ruin of Harrenhal. Much of the current political structure in the show was formed during Aegon’s Conquest – and a spin-off will provide more context, as to how present-day Westeros came to be.

One of the biggest factors that boosted the show’s popularity was its distinct gritty western fantasy aesthetics. GoT was the wild, wild west of classic medieval fantasy. Through its art and storytelling, the show managed to make a thoroughly unbelievable world somehow relatable to millions of fans.

This is why it’s been so easy for GoT to branch out into various merchandising and licensing deals – direct reflections of its loyal fanbase. This can be seen in how the show’s dialogue, extravagant royal titles, ancient phrases, symbols, and sayings like “The North remembers” have been immortalized through so much official and unofficial GOT merchandise. Meanwhile, the graphic sigils of each noble Westeros house look as natural on the battlefield as they do in the Game of Thrones slot on TuxSlots. Even though it’s played just like most other slot games on the site, its use of the show’s noble house sigils is already garnering attention among mobile gaming fans who have followed GoT since the very beginning. Even Johnnie Walker got in on the action when they released the limited edition White Walker bottles, which change colors when exposed to the cold. When people want a piece of your show in their homes, pockets, or phones, that’s when you know you’ve established loyalty among fans. This also means that whichever of these spin-offs come to life, they already have a devoted fanbase.


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